The importance of Media Buying and Media Management as part of the overall planning and strategy process can be the most important and often overlooked aspect of a successful ongoing advertising campaign.

Controlling campaigns across multiple media platforms takes experienced media buying management. At Spark Media, We take the hassle out of invoicing and post buy analysis by bringing all media purchases together and delivering one single invoice to you each month. This allows you to focus on your job and taking the leads and traffic that we send and create successful outcomes for your business, college, hospital, medical practice, automotive dealership, law firm or retail business.

Our dedicated media buying department will negotiate on your behalf for the best possible rates and packages. We then place the order, and do post buy analysis to make sure you get what you pay for. But it doesn’t stop there. We then organize all of the invoices into one single bill so you don’t have to take the time to sort each set of invoices and create payments for each media outlet. We handle that for you and send you one organized and detailed invoice for you to pay at the end of each month. And most important, we take the hassle out of dealing with the endless cycle of sales reps. That’s right. When you partner with Spark Media, we’ll give you a stack of business cards and you never have to deal with a sales rep again. When they walk in or call you simply tell them that you have turned all advertising decisions and media buying to Spark Media and we will be glad to talk to them. In many markets where we already have clients, we are in constant communication with them anyway.

Call Spark Media to help get control of your advertising budget and keep everything simplified and in proper order, month after month after month.

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