The Healthcare Industry is becoming more and more competitive, and your practices’ website is a potential patient’s first impression.

What does you website say about your practice?  Modern?  Advanced?  On the cutting edge of new technologies and procedures? Or old, outdated and static?

Most Practice Managers are too overwhelmed by day to day operations to take on the additional responsibilities of creating a new website, online ad, place page, Facebook page, landing page, patient education portal, radio/TV commercial, media buying and management.

We’re here to help! NO matter if you are a small private practice or a large hospital with thousands of employees, we have years of experience working with both. Let us get started creating an image that the entire practice can be proud of. With rapid changes and advances in medicine, you need to be on the forefront of letting the public know what is available. Video and online video can do wonders for setting you practice apart from the others by allowing your Doctors to be on camera and explain new procedures offered. This not only helps the patient make an informed decision, it allows the doctor to be viewed as a leader in the field and helps to show the personality that many patients need to see before making a decision on who will deliver their healthcare.

Spark Media can also follow that up by delivering a targeted campaign online to those who seeking specific services that your practice can offer. Most people will do searches for specific medical conditions at the beginning and you want to be sure and be in front of that person when it is time for a decision to be made.

When you are ready to upgrade the image of your practice and create a presence that will showcase your specialties to the right people at the right time, contact Spark Media.

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